New England Eatery & Pub

Sunday 01 January, 2017

New England Eatery- Melbourne Beach 2.0 stars. There are some restaurants I go to where I know the owner has just given up. New England Eatery is one of those places. This place has been here for 20 plus years. No one is going to drive miles out of their way to eat here. The owner knows that and just slings hash to make a dollar.
I ordered fried oysters with Cole slaw and fries. The oysters were cooked to a crisp. There literally was nothing left of the oyster in the dredge. It tasted like the oil had not been changed in months. The slaw was Sysco finest out of a 10 point can. The fries were soggy and over fried just like the oysters. My big question was where did the oysters come from. I know you can get fresh ones a few miles up the road. These were not even close. I have this place an extra star for service and ambiance. It was dark and moody which I like and the server was amazing. She saved that last star.