New Haven Books

Thursday 03 May, 2018

New Haven Books- Downtown Melbourne- 1 Star
In an era of electronic media and online book sales it is rare to see a brick and mortar book store. However, New Haven Books is an aging dinosaur on the verge of extinction. In the few remaining bookstores in this country they have shifted their focus to a more customer oriented approach. Unfortunately, that principle seems to have been totally overlooked at this particular business. There was a man about 25 sitting at a computer playing video games. He was the only employee in the store. I asked him for a particular genre of books. He ignored me. So, I thought maybe he did not hear me. So louder I again requested the genre. He slammed his hand on the desk and stood up. He pointed down an aisle. I asked how far down and he got really pissy with me. Finally, I found the section. I picked out 15 books and went to check out. We restarted the same Kabuki Dance from before. My initial reaction was to slap the taste out of the kids mouth but instead I took 5 deep breaths and paid. Big Boy says buy books online.