Niki’s Rainbow Restaurant

Tuesday 17 July, 2018

Niki's Rainbow Restaurant- N. Satellite Beach

Breakfast- 1 Star
Lunch/Dinner- 4 -Stars

"Better a thousand-fold abuse speech than a denial of free speech. The abuse dies in a day, but the denial slays the life of the people."--- Bradlaugh

Enfolded within a strip mall just south of Patrick's Air Force Base with a stunning view of the Monaco Condominiums, sits the local Greek favorite, Niki's Rainbow Restaurant (Niki's to the locals). After being seated by the prompt. professional hostess, my server, Candel soon approached my table. Bouncing around the menu in order to get a good sampling of their fare, as is my wont, I ordered their version of the Greek omelet, the Zeus. I followed this with a Gyro sandwich and their Greek Combo Platter which included: Spanakopita, Mousaka and Pastichio. The best part about my "breakfast" order of the Zeus omelet was the home fries. The potatoes were fresh, perfectly seasoned and fried like Mom made them. The omelet, however, left much to be desired. Perhaps the burner was taking the day off, or the chef was not paying close enough attention as it was unevenly cooked and served with a "plug and play" biscuit with the taste of a previously frozen, pre-bought, obviously not homemade tasteless lump of flour. Where they failed at the breakfast foods, they more than made up for in the rest of the meal. According to their website, they "may be the best Greek American Restaraunt in the area." I can assure you, they can remove the qualifying "may be" on their website as I am certain they are! The Gyro was shaved from a rotisserie as it should be and crammed (eloquently) into a pita bulging with fresh tomatoes and onions all smothered in their homemade tzatziki sauce. One bite and I all but forgot about the horrid omelet I had just forced down. They must have someone's Greek grandmother back there in the kitchen as I have never tasted such a Spanakopita before. It was served on the plate tucked in snuggly between a lovely slice of Mousaka and Pastichio, and all of this was fronted by two overstuffed grape leaves. The flavors of all of their Greek food was to die for. The Spanakopita was obviously made with fresh phyllo dough as it was flakey, chewy and all that it should be. The spinach, I am sure, was picked fresh right before they made it for me. The Mousaka was just as expertly crafted, with perfectly roasted eggplant and meat seasoned to perfection. It is fitting that I come to the Pastitchio last, as I was always told to save the best for last. This dish was amazing and had my taste buds screaming, "Opa!" the minute I took my first bite. The pasta was al dente as it is written it should be, the meat had just the right amount of Greek seasonings and the Beachmal sauce was something to write home about. I know it sounds easy to make if you Google it, but the Beachemal sauce is one of the four required sauces that need to be made in order to enter in an elite Chef's school for a reason. The chef, or "Ya Ya" (Greek for Grandmother), hit the Beachemal sauce out of the park. It was expertly blended and added a most perfect ending to a wonderful Greek dining experience. Big Boy says, "Go for the Greek entree's, but avoid the omelet at all cost!"