Nini’s Cuban Cuisine

Saturday 04 November, 2017

Poor!!! There are 3 Cuban restaurants within 3 miles of this horrid excuse for a restaurant. All are head and shoulders above this place. The upside First. This location has been eight different restaurants in the last 15 years. Nini finally has created a cool inviting atmosphere tastefully decorated. The walls harken back to old Miami and the tables and chairs are expensive and comfortable. My thinking after trying to finish a terrible meal here was maybe the person who put all the energy into ambiance should have been involved in the FLAVOR PROFILES. The food totally and completely lacked seasoning. I have reviewed two of the other Cuban restaurants in the area. I ordered the Palomilla steak at each location. I gave the other places 4 and 5 stars respectively.
The steak was hard and flavorless. It was impossible to cut. The Sides followed suit. I can boil beans and rice at home and not put any salt pepper and garlic into it. This place is so bad I am amazed they have lasted 90 days. I have to believe the people who left higher than three stars for this restaurant have never eaten authentic Cuban food because this restaurant is HORRID!!