Nippon Thai

Sunday 20 August, 2017

I thought I had eaten the worse sushi ever in the Publix shopping center in Indian Harbor until I encountered this dump. I don't mean to insult dumps but this place is the PITS. It's dirty and dingy. I ordered a spicy tuna roll, JB roll and the tuna tower. The tuna was not fresh. I knew right away something was wrong. There was zero pride taken in the preparation or the presentation. Usually these Sushi/Thai places can get by with minor problems because the service is outstanding. Not in this case. The server/cashier/ prep cook sat and watched television completely unresponsive completely oblivious to the patrons she was not even Asian. I am sure she hates her job and everything but just a smidge of minimal interaction would have been nice. You may ask why I did not leave one star as this pathetic excuse for a sushi restaurant deserves it. Well? I am feeling magnanimous today.