Inlet Grille and Gifts

Saturday 07 January, 2017

Inlet Grille- Deep Melbourne Beach- 3 Stars
So I schlepped all the way down to Sebastian Inlet to try the Inlet Grille. I was envisioning all of the horrid things that could possibly go wrong. Once we arrived however, I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. The building looked new. The inside was really a gift shop restaurant combo.
I spoke to the manager who explained they had just won the concession for 10 state parks. Once again I was not filled with confidence this was going to turn out okay.
We ordered the clam strips basket and the triple cheeseburger. I should point out we were the only people in the place. It took 33 minutes for us to receive our food. The manager disputed the time and I showed her the check in time on Yelp. Regardless, my followers know my reviews are about the food.
The Clam strips were cooked perfectly. What was really good was the cole slaw. I expected the Sysco slaw that comes pre-made in the gallon bucket but it was actually homemade and tasty. The burger was served on a grilled bun. The patties were thin but not frozen which also amazed me. All in all the food was better than I expected. As a side note it now costs $8.00 to get into the park. A total rip-off if you ask me. The only reason I mention it is if you drive down to try it I don't want you blind sided. Big Boy says if you're hungry give it a try.