Ocean 302 Bar & Grill

Wednesday 20 December, 2017

Ocean 302- Melbourne Beach 5-stars.

Hands down Ocean 302 is the best dining establishment in Brevard County. It took me two years to eat here because the previous 6 restaurant at this location were complete bombs. I was insouciant about eating here. That first time was a month ago and this is so good I have returned two additional times.

What truly sets this place above the rest starts with a varied in depth menu. One of my friends ate here and were confused by the menu. DUH!!! because no one else in this county has an actual Chef on premises designing the menu. The Chef here has been trained at some of the top restaurants in the country. He takes pride in his menu and interacts with the diners even though he is not an owner.

This restaurant has the freshest ingredients bar none. So what did I have? The golden goose, which is a charcuterie board of foie gras. The foie is creamy delicious and seared properly. It is served with homemade sour dough crostini. For a vegetable course I ordered the kale blossoms. I highly recommend this dish. The blossoms are deep fried to a light crisp crunch and seasoned with olive oil.

For the main course I chose Prime grade New York Strip. Because I am always suspicious of bait and switch I asked to see the steak before it was cooked. Sure enough it was a well marbled prime steak. The steak was cooked perfectly and SEASONED perfectly. Yes that's right it was seasoned with butter and garlic during the cooking process. On my second trip here I ordered the Tomahawk steak which is a bone in Rib-eye.

I truly can't say enough great things about Ocean 302. TRY IT.