Ocean Grille

Friday 20 April, 2018

Ocean Grille - Beachside Melbourne - 3 Stars.
It's hard to gain inspiration to write witty reviews when there is nothing that stands out about a restaurant. The Ocean Grille is inside the Hilton Hotel, Beachside Melbourne. Just because a restaurant is inside a hotel should not scream average. In fact there is a restaurant inside a hotel in Orlando that has made my Top 5 in the United States List.
Anyway, the Ocean Grille is run like that episode of the Lucy show where the conveyor belt keeps spitting out candy faster than Lucy and Ethel can box it. Chaos with lack of direction. My server, Chris, was a charming fellow from the islands. I only mention this because while he was prompt and courteous, he was completely unintelligible. Besides, service is not part of the score anyway.
Ordered eggs Benedict, home fries and pancakes. The cakes were fluffy and actually resounded with flavor, which is rare for a plain pancake. The eggs Benedict had a tangy hollandaise sauce that was appealing. I abroached the egg and the yolk was runny as it should be. The muffin was toasted properly. The home fries were red bliss and were sautéed and seasoned adequately. Of the four main Beachside hotel restaurants this was the best. The dining room was also the cleanest and most contemporary. If you are looking for a change up in your breakfast routine try the Ocean Grille. Otherwise, Big Boy says, there are better places Beachside.