Ocean Nails

Monday 10 December, 2018

Ocean Nails- Indialantic- 4 Stars

"I'm a handsome man with a charming personality." -- G. Newell

Sitting a few stores down from the ominously named "The Jungle" Organic restaurant and natural whole foods market is where one will find Ocean Nails. As it was time for my weekly pedicure (If you got it, flaunt it) and the sign said they were open at 10 AM, I decided to give them a try. As I walked in I half expected a tumbleweed to roll non chalantly across the aisle as the place was deader than a ghost town. I was greeted by a very nice woman named Rose who directed me to her station and inquired as to why I stopped in today.

While telling her I was in for just a pedicure today, I glanced around the joint. One thing that might keep some people away from nail salons is the fear of infection. A few years ago, it seemed one couldn't turn on the news without hearing of another nail salon closed due to filthy environs. Well, loyal Biggie, I am happy to say that Ocean Nails is one of the cleanest nail salons I have ever seen. The walls and the floors both sparkled with refracted sunlight and the stations were immaculately clean and well organized. They are on top of their game here, that is for sure.

Rose began to ply her trade on my nails and within a few minutes, I knew I was in safe professional hands. She ended up giving me a perfect pedicure. My nails looked and felt "mahvalous, baby" and as such, I was once again ready to venture forth into the world of restaurant reviews for some more no holds barred food critiques.

Big Boy says, "you want a nice pedicure, give Rose a try." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout