Oceanside Pizza

Friday 02 February, 2018

Oceanside Pizza- Melbourne Beach 1 Star
I literally agonize over bad reviews. Sometimes I second guess myself. Occasionally, I will go a second time to see if it was a fluke the first time. I encountered none of these problems with Oceanside Pizza. In fact there was such a colossal failure in technique and execution, they have earned themselves a spot on the Big Boy Dining Out Top 5 Worst List. Thankfully, I have pictures to back up this culinary debacle.
I ordered a calzone with pepperoni. The counter person used casuistry to induce me to try their "awesome" onion rings. I also noticed a tuna salad sub on the menu. Before ordering it I asked if the tuna was fresh. She said each batch was made to order.
One thing I have learned about lying in the food industry. There is no sense doing it because a seasoned diner will catch the shortcuts easily especially when one is sitting at the counter watching the open kitchen prepare the food.
As you can see from the pics the onion rings were prepared improperly from what is obviously a frozen bag of rings. The calzone was inedible. I did peel back the overcooked dough to reveal a pathetic excuse for a ricotta filling. I tasted it and it was totally and completely flavorless. Finally, the sad sad sad tuna sub. First, I watched the line cook grab a tub out of the fridge which was not covered and proceeded to scoop lumps of tuna salad into a sub roll. The tuna was not only bland there was virtually no condiments to speak of in the preparation. This also was thrown in the garbage. As I side note, I took a pic of the pizzas they were selling by the slice. Both were burned to a crisp. You can see. I don't know if the owner of this restaurant is unaware of the horrendous food he serves or he has just given up. Either way the Boy Boy says stay away!!!!!