Old School Pizza

Sunday 10 June, 2018

Old School Pizza- Melbourne- 3 Stars

"I would like to buy him for what he is worth and sell him for what he thinks he is worth." -Lawler

Many people in this world labor under a mistaken belief that they are greater than they are; psychologists call this, "delusions of grandeur." Old School Pizza is one special cook away from abject mediocrity. I sat down at the bar to order food and I was completely ignored by the bartender. I sat there for 9 minutes (Yelp has a built in timer) before the bartender decided to take notice of me with a begrudging. "What can I get you?" The rub to this is he was standing directly in front of me almost the whole time (it's not like I was in a secluded spot behind a potted palm). Normally, I would take the initiative if I was not critiquing food, but I was, so I waited patiently and quietly. Once the bartender decided to grace me with his attention it turns out to be none other than the owner, Josh. At that point I realized that he held himself with more importance than his position warranted. Restaurants like this are here today....gone tomorrow.
After I left I was contacted by the chef of Old School Pizza. For the life of me I do not remember his name, because he certainly deserves positive mention. He is friendly, polite and knowledgeable. The polar opposite of Josh. He explained his preparation methods and how he has tried to elevate American-Italian food to another level. I can say unequivocally he is doing a good job.
The restaurant itself is no great shakes. I think the ornamentation is a holdover from the last canteen that resided here for many years. It's dark and gloomy interior is better suited to take-out. However, the server that took over for Josh was a delight to be hold. Not only was she chipper, but she was also very friendly and a real joy to have as a server.
I ordered the Blue Cheese burger and the Philly Stromboli. The burger was spot on. They actually melted the cheese on the burger! The side of onion rings were flawlessly fried and extremely tasty. The Stromboli combination of philly cheese steak and Italian ingredients was unique to say the least. All in all, it wasn't that bad. It's a 1/2 star better than average. If you are in the area and have a hunkering for good ole American-Italian eats Big Boy says, "Stop in."