Olympia Cafe – Melbourne

Wednesday 06 June, 2018

Olympia Cafe- Melbourne- 5 Stars

Top 5 - Lunch

"Saturday's Child works hard for its living" -- Anonymous

Teddy the Greek has run some form of this awesome restaurant for nigh onto 30 years now. Why would anyone buy a gyro (pronounced Yee-row for us rednecks) from a non-Greek is beyond me. The Olympia Café, manned by Teddy and Adrian, know the secret to success: Keep it simple and flavorful. Viola, it's that easy. There is no magic formula. Teddy has been cooking for over 50 years, but he refuses to take shortcuts or cheat his customers. He stands head and shoulders over his contemporaries. Looking like he just stepped off the lot as an extra in Zorba the Greek, Teddy has a bushy walrus mustache and a Greek sailors cap ever present on the top his head.
Teddy knows all of his customers by name. He greets everyone and asks how they are doing while never missing a beat cooking. It is so refreshing to eat his appetizing and gratifying food, because I am a long standing patron I get the same thing every time. I order a Yee-Row NOT a Jai-row. It comes fresh cut from the standing rotisserie right in front of you. He piles on freshly cut onions and tomatoes. Guess what else? Teddy makes his own Tzatziki (a Greek cucumber and yogurt sauce) and generously applies it to the Gyro. I also order a tabouli salad. If you look at the photos you will see the delectable chunks of tomato carefully folded into the salad. Food wise there is nothing bad at this restaurant. It's about the food and nothing else. Big Boy says....Opa! You better try it!!!!