Outriggers Bar and Grill

Friday 01 June, 2018

Outriggers Bar and Grill - Micco - 4 Stars

Hidden Gem Alert

As I go gadding about this county on an eternal search for good food, I have been extremely lucky last month to stumble upon two Hidden Gems. The first one mentioned last week is a gastropub. This week's restaurant is hard to qualify, but I would call it a dive. This joint is located inside of a marina and there is limited table seating; however, there is an enormous bar. The downside to this amenity is that there are a ton of power drinkers sucking on cancer sticks, but the food is good enough to fight through the loathsome smell. I actually positioned myself in front of the beer tap, which was actually strategic - no one could sit on my right and there were only two empties on my left.

My server, Karen, doubled as the bartender and she was hopping while providing excellent service. She is the exact type of server I love, the haggard older server who appreciates the money and likes being there. She is friendly and engaging, and she knows what's good and what isn't and isn't afraid to tell you so.

When I see fish tacos I will always order them. When I indicated I was interested in them, Karen gushed about the tacos, saying, "oh honey get 'em with the redfish - we pull 'em right out of the river."
When the tacos arrived, let me tell you, they were a sight to behold: three perfectly seared redfish. The tortilla was grilled, which is a big plus in my book. Most New American restaurants emphasize the salsa, but here that is not the focus of the dish - it's all about the fish. Seared to perfection, these tacos are stunning, full of flavor and taste - they are a real winner.

I also ordered the oysters. Karen claimed they were also locally sourced, which I can't confirm with certainty, but I can tell you they were cooked properly. They were served with accompanying sweet potato fries which are hand-cut and drizzled in a savory honey sauce. Yes, you read that correctly - savory honey sauce - and it is fantastic.

If you are in South Brevard and want a good meal at a unique place then this is it. Big Boy says give Outriggers a shot!