Over The Top Sammies

Tuesday 29 May, 2018

Over The Top Sammies - Palm Bay - 5 Stars

Hidden Gem Alert

As a parvenu in the food world, I constantly seek gratification for my hunger. About ten percent of the time, I stumble across a dining establishment that catches me off guard. Over the Top Sammies is one of those establishments that did just that. Despite their modest appearance, they provide melt-in-your-mouth, lip-smacking sandwiches that are truly, as they say, "over the top."
The storefront is in a non-descript plaza on the eastern end of Palm Bay Road. What really makes this place a great surprise is that by looking at the ambiance, you are struck by the lack of decor - I mean zip, zilch, nada by way of interior design. The sitting is family style, but if that makes you uncomfortable, you will need to fight through that hesitation because what awaits you is nothing short of food fantasy land. The menu here is so original and creative that you will be blown away by the offerings.
Before I go further on about the food, I'd like to make a quick note on service. If I factored service into my rating, this venue would be short a star. Once again, I was the only person there but it was early for the typical meal rush. Despite not being busy, the counter-person got snippy with me because I was asking so many questions about the menu. When you have a diverse and unique menu, your wait staff should be prepared to field inquiries about the unfamiliarity with the menu rather than having a distaste and aversion to being helpful to their patrons about the variety of unusual selections.
Now on to the food. I ordered 3 Sammies: A Pig With Seoul (you see what I mean?), Spanish Sloppy Joe, and Hey! Meatball Sam.
These sandwiches are served on basic buns, nothing fancy as you might expect from their creative monikers. Quite frankly, you would think someone who is creative enough to come up with these dynamic recipes would have a smidge of creativity with the buns but holy cow! - the contents are incredible. The Pig With Seoul is a succulent layer of pulled pork seasoned with Korean spices, which gives a zippy tang on the tongue. The Spanish Sloppy Joe is a Sloppy Joe as you would expect, but WOW, let me tell you this ain't your Momma's Joe. This has a kick that is so pleasurable you want to keep going and not stop. The weakest entry of the trio I sampled is the Meatball Sam. Don't get me wrong - it's good - but it's just not in the league with the other two. You get a homemade meatball smothered in a meat sauce, which is not runny but thick and tasty, and is an honorable representation of a meatball sub.
So if you are looking for a place to buck the status quo when you're craving a sandwich, this is the spot for you. Over The Top Sammies is so original for Brevard County that the Big Boy highly recommends a visit!