Pamper Me Nail Salon

Saturday 24 November, 2018

Pamper Me Salon- Indialantic- 3 Stars

"So going from there to where they are now--where it is acceptable for a man to nip off at lunchtime and have a facial, or a pedicure--is quite a journey." --Dylan Jones

After months of schlepping around the Space Coast in my quest to review every restaurant around, I found myself in bad need of some repair. My feet were toast and the only thing that would bring some much-needed relief would be some much-needed pampering. To that end, I made a bee-line toward Pamper Me Nail Salon in Indialantic. Sitting between the Ocean Side Paradise Resort and the Double Tree Suites on AIA, it is exceedingly conveniently located.

The interior, like the exterior, is brand spanking new as the building was recently constructed (it still has that coveted "new building" smell). The salon itself is charming, quaint and calming with shades of blue and green throughout. The service chairs were well spaced with ample room between them with bright light cascading over the space like a fresh sunrise over the skyline of modern Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). The staff, albeit as charming as the color scheme, didn't speak a lick of English. Well, that might be an exaggeration as my nail technician, Ti, did ask me, "you want deluxe?" How could I say no? Easing my portly carcass into the chair was no simple task as they did not recline far enough nor were they very comfortable. Maybe they are just too new and still need to be broken in a bit, I don't know, but it wasn't very soft or forgiving for one of my frame.

Ti immediately became all business as she plied her trade on my overworked dogs. She did an excellent job on my toenails and my feet, once again, began to feel some life returning. The icing on the cake was the rockin' leg massage obtainable at most Vietnamese Nail Salons. I don't know where or who they are trained by, but I have yet had one that wasn't out of this world relaxing.

The Big Boy says, "Don't be a wuss just because you are a guy. Treat your feet to a day at Pamper Me Nail Salon and they will be barking with joy all the way home!" #iamthebigboy