Paradise Treats

Friday 16 March, 2018

Paradise Treats - Melbourne Beachside - 3 Stars
I am thoroughly ineluctable whenever I see a sign stating we have the "best __________ in" the County, the city, the state, the world, etc. I always find it amusing a habitué needs to self vouch. It's like the guy who looks you in the eye and tells you "he is the most honest guy in the world." You immediately touch your wallet to make sure it is still there.
Anyway, Paradise Treats touts itself as the best Cheesesteak in the County. So I ordered the cheesesteak, but knowing what could very well be coming I also ordered the Italian Style hotdog. I forgot to mention this is a food truck that rents space at Paradise Beach Park. The Italian style hotdog is a giant all beef frankfurter on a soft roll. It is covered in sautéed green peppers, onions and chunks of seasoned flavorful potatoes. The combination is definitely worth stopping and trying. The only place to sit is a couple of benches with beach umbrellas so you may want to eat in your car or back home like I did.
So, why three stars? Because the cheesesteak is poor. It is prepared with small chunks of diced meat that is so portionless you at first think you are getting a vegetarian sandwich. I decided to pluck a chunk of meat off the bun to sample it. It was seasoned, but just with salt and pepper. It really was just a steak sandwich, and not a good one.
So in response to "best cheesesteak," well not even close. Big boy says try the hotdogs avoid the cheesesteak.