Sunday 04 March, 2018

Pizza Vola - Indian Harbour Beach - 4 Stars.
People whine to the Big Boy, "it's a pizza joint, what do you expect?" Well, I expect quality food. Not just some schlump pizza tosser slinging crud for profit. To all of you doubters I have found two quality "pizza joints" in South Brevard. Pizza Vola is the first of the two. I tried their second location as well. Guess what, CONSISTENT!!! So Pizza Vola is going number 1 on Big Boy Dining Out Top 5 Pizza Joints.
I have been so dismayed by the lack of care most pizza places exhibit Pizza Vola was a soothing abirritant. I ordered the 16 inch meat pizza. This fluffy flavorful pizza came packed with pepperoni, sausage, ground beef and ham. Look at the picture for goodness sake. This pizza was so outstanding it almost brought me to tears. I have never seen rice balls before. These are a take off on potato balls. They are stuffed with succulent morsels of meat. I must admit I feared the rice aspect of the dish but you really could not tell it was rice based. The balance of flavors were spot on. Finally, there were the garlic rolls. The only thing keeping this from a 5 star review is the rolls. They were over done. In fact it was so obvious they were over done the person expediting the order should have thrown them away. Anyway, it's a small piece to the puzzle. Big Boy says TRY THE PIZZA!!!!!!