Players Billards Club

Sunday 09 September, 2018

Players Billiards Club- Melbourne- 1.5 Stars

As stated before, my goal here is to review every restaurant in Brevard County before my time is done. With that in mind, I headed on over to Players Billards Club. I knew it was a pool hall, so I did enter with (cue music from MadTV) "lowered expectations" in regards to any repast I may order.

It was exceedingly clean for a pool hall and the surrounding neighborhood, though the smell of fresh and stale cigarette smoke mingled in a hazy cloud near the ceiling. I was directed towards an empty table and soon approached by my server, Patty. Patty had to have been in her third trimester as she looked like she was about to give birth any second. Her mind was clearly on other things (being pregnant in a heavy smoking environment might have been on her mind) as she seemed and acted completely disinterested in her job and lacked any charm that might have been buried behind her empty, forced half-smile. Of course, pregnant or not, if I had to deal with the bevy of power drinkers and the people that time forgot as she does on a daily basis, I would be counting the minutes until my shift ended as well.

I placed an order for a Draft Bud Light and some chicken nuggets thinking to myself that this would be impossible to screw up. I mean, how hard can it be to drop some breaded chicken in a deep fat fryer? Apparently, the skill set needed to accomplish this simple act was beyond the current fry master on shift as the Nuggets were soggy and flavorless. I get the flavorless as I am sure they were pre-breaded and cooked from frozen, but soggy? How does one fry up something soggy?
At least the beer was cheap and the place sparkled.

Big Boy says, "If you're looking for cheap draft beer and a clean place to shoot some pool, stop in Players Billards Club, just leave your appetite at the door." #bigboydiningout