Rec 225

Sunday 20 February, 2022

"I lurched away from the table after a few hours feeling like Elvis in Vegas - fat, drugged, and completely out of it." ― Anthony Bourdain

Getting back into the swing of things post--Covid has been great for the Big Boy and I hope for you as well. Thank you for all the comments, supportive and not so supportive. As you can see, I take each one to heart and answer straightforward. I do not cut corners in my reviews, nor do I apologize for them.

Finding myself meandering up the Space Coast, I grabbed my random eatery generator and punched in my location. A few nearby eateries popped up and I found myself near the local star, Cryderman's Barbecue. Curious as to who could hang in the same neighborhood, I ventured into Rec 225. The first impression was one of spic and span clean, like your kitchen when you know guests are coming over. Grabbing a table, our waiter Jo-Jo came over to see how we were doing. It turns out that Jo-Jo is also the owner and not only cares about the customer but obviously takes pride in his business as he was welcoming, friendly, knowledgeable and just downright awesome. Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Jo-Jo.

I placed an order for their eponymous sandwich, the 225, along with one Mac & Cheese grilled cheese and a side order of Bacon and Bleu fries. As for a drink, I went with the vaunted Jarritos Orange (how can you go wrong with this liquid concoction of pure delight?). Waiting eagerly for the foodstuffs to arrive I continued to glance about the place and found the interior charming. Before too long, Jo-Jo came back with my order, placed it upon my table and offering a sincere, "Enjoy your meal," Jo-Jo went off to address other patrons. Looking at the pictures you can see that everything certainly did look scrumptious! Grabbing the self-named sandwich, The Big Boy went to work.

Comprised of bacon, Gouda, french fries, and tomato pesto on garlic Texas toast it was a delicious mouthful of exquisite flavor. The combination of the bacon and Gouda was enough to send one's taste buds into a dance of joy, add to that the fresh tomato pesto and the perfectly golden fries and you are entering the taste bud danger zone! Seriously, I thought mine were going to sashay right out of my mouth they were so pleased with the flavors found in this masterpiece of a sandwich. It almost felt like a crime when I set it down and turned my attention to the Mac & Cheese grilled sandwich, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. This was far from the simple grilled cheese we all ate as a kid. This incorporated classic mac&cheese with Gouda served on Texas toast. Grilled in butter to a perfect golden hue, it was thoroughly enjoyable on the palate. What I can say about the fries? They were cooked just right and smothered in bleu cheese and bacon. How could you go wrong?

The Big Boy says, "If your not nearby, make an excuse to be nearby and grab some incredible grub!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout