River Rocks Dining Dockside

Thursday 22 March, 2018

River Rocks Dining Dockside- N. Melbourne- 2 Stars
Feeling the late morning, early afternoon prandial urges we decided to venture to River Rocks Dining Dockside. If I scored service and decor which I don't this restaurant would score high for the great set up and views. Our server was Suzanne. She was on point. Attentive, and clearly above average for this industry. Sadly, the Big Boy only rates the food because as I always say, if the food is no good, the greatest service in the world wont fix execution issues. River Rocks is all hat and no cattle as they say in Texas. Closer to home the appropriate saying would be all show and no go.
Anyway, on to the food. I ordered the Dock Dip appetizer and the Asian Bowl. My Sysco pre-bagged tortilla chips were stale. However, fighting past that dilemma was ablating the mucky flavorless fish dip from its ceramic holder. This was certainly not the worse fish dip I have ever consumed but it was close. The mushy inconsistency was unpleasant. Of course, this was the upside to the meal. The Asian bowl was in my humble opinion a complete disaster. While it was cooked properly, the tuna was either low quality or it was the last filet of a batch on the border of being turned into another dish, not served medium rare. I suspect no expediter exists in this kitchen because you would think even a 1st week line cook would have caught it. The rice was overcooked and lifeless. The flavor profile was unbalanced and layered poorly. Now that I am typing this I just realized I must grade on decor and service because this really was one star. Big Boy says take a pass