Tuesday 26 December, 2017

Robburritos-Melbourne Beach 1.5 Stars. A wise man once said, "there are three people you never trust. A man of his word, the most honest person you will ever meet, or a restaurant that touts they are the best." Sadly, Robburritos is the latter.? The owner of this establishment is a surly lady who insists she serves the best burrito in Brevard County. While that would not be hard to pull off given the sad state of affairs in this county but this burrito is horrid.
I was told the brisket was a must get because it's made on the premises. So I ordered the Monster Burrito. It came with a side of tortilla chips. I asked her if they were made on premises. She barked, they are from Sam's Club. At that instant I knew what was in store. However, I held out hope. I was served a burrito served in a flaccid tortilla shell. I punctured the interior and found found ingredients that had been can opened drained and stuffed inside. The brisket was served in copious amounts. It was dry and flavorless. I have eaten brisket all over the country. This is not in the top 600. Robburritos is like that ugly person who thinks they are smoking hot. They wear spandex pants two sizes too small with everything flopping over the top then gets mad when you stare at. Avoid the gaze of this place and go across the street.