Rogue River Taproom

Sunday 17 September, 2017

No single restaurant has tried harder in Brevard County than Rogue River. Fresh cool dishes with genius inspired techniques. The problem is the failure of execution. The best part of this meal was the server Megan. The owner was on premises however his braying mongrel interrupted what could have been a four star meal. Once this restaurant closes its doors few will understand better than the owner why it happened.
We started with the fresh cut duck. Cooked perfect. Seasoned properly. This was a spectacular entree.
Sides ordered were the creamed bacon corn and the spicy baked beans. The beans were atrocious. The creamed corn was not inviting.
The bacon stuffed eggs were superb. I should have stopped with this offering but I could not resist. Fluffy lite and tasty. Nothing compares to these eggs. To replace the baked beans I ordered the goat cheese Salad. It was fresh and well seasoned. Great job!!!