Thursday 24 May, 2018

Rooney's - Palm Bay - 1 Star

Top 5 Worst - Number 1

Never have I had two top 5 worst meals in the same week - this was a first. What made it more bizarre is my friend, who accompanied me, had the same reaction I did upon simultaneously taking our first bite of the meal served us: we both spit it quickly into our respective napkins.
It all started when I was meeting two friends for a business meeting. They suggested Rooney's, so I said, "Sounds good, I have not yet reviewed it."

When I entered the restaurant, I had a feeling of positive excitement. The decor is a dated 1970s-80s bar, musty and full of the scent of stale beer that hangs in the air. It hearkens back to a time when drunks and power drinkers would crouch over the bar with a cigarette lodged between their fingers as fusty smoke rose to the nearest light. Tara, our server, had the energy of a patient doing the Thorazine shuffle through the halls of the local care facility. I suspect this day was not her finest hour. She asked for our drink order and then disappeared for 12 minutes. This would not have been so unusual except there were no other patrons in the place. When she finally returned I asked if I could still get the iced tea. She sputtered, "sure," and brought the tea from the soda fountain - so it was that gross carbonated iced tea restaurants serve that are too lazy to boil water and insert tea bags. Anyway, I digress.

We both ordered pot roast. When it arrived, the "house specialty" was smothered in a thick brown lumpy gravy that I leaned down to smell. A slight stench wafted to my nostrils. At that point I should have stopped, but my friend growled "don't be a priss." So I cut a piece off. My friend and I took our first bite and, well, I already told you what we did. The clueless Tara asked if we wanted it wrapped up to go. We both chuckled "no" and politely asked for the check. If that was the end of it, I could finish this review but the owner had the temerity to come out and ask what our problem was with the food. This time I kept my mouth shut because I did not want a repeat of earlier in the week. However, my friend blurted out that our food tasted spoiled. At that point the owner chose to verbally duel with my buddy. I stopped them both and asked for the check. We paid and left, without being compensated by the manager for rotten food.

This place is depressing and the food we had was absolutely the worst I have had so far in the last 9 months since this crazy journey began. Big Boy says to skip Rooney's.