Sandbar Sports Grill

Sunday 16 June, 2019

Sandbar Sports Grill- Cocoa Beach- 1-Star

"The average tourist wants to go to places where there are no tourists." -- S. Ewing

I was pleased with the location of the next spot to show up on my random selection device as being in Cocoa Beach. Wary of the tourist traps, I have to admit that there is nary a more spectacular sight than a drive up the Space Coast in springtide. Pulling into the parking lot for Sandbar Sports Bar & Grill off of Ocean Beach Blvd, I found myself with a plethora of spots from which to choose. I avoided the empty space next to the US Foods truck, though it did cause me to wonder if the quality will be any different than other places with the same distributor. Hey, it can happen!
My server, Shannon, also doubled as my bartender and seriously, with a chintzy pour on my Macallan (is this even a full ounce?), she might want to stick to just serving the slop spewing forth from the kitchen back yonder. The menu was standard for a joint like this, albeit all over the globe with offerings styled after Mexican, Italian and good ole American grub. I asked Shannon for three tacos (Baja fish, shrimp and one carne asada) with a side of beans and rice. I then sat back, perusing the busy walls (this place is a tourist trap of epic proportions) while awaiting my sustenance.

Twern't too long afore Shannon was seen returning with said foodstuffs. First off, as one can see by the pictures it is pre-shredded cheese (no doubt thawed from frozen as well), noticing this, I was not expecting greatness, but still held out hope it was at least gullet compatible. Alas, not so much. The fish in the Baja fish taco had to be Mrs. Paul's if not the equivalent, the Shrimp is freezing cold, no doubt because it was frozen and half defrosted before ending up on my plate. Oops! Not to be left behind, the steak in the carne asada taco was also cold and if I had continued eating it would have no doubt frozen the inside of my mouth. The side of rice and beans, while no doubt of the same quality as the rest of this pabulum, was to my surprise cooked properly and quite flavorful. Kudos to the prep cook. This fact and the fact that, while numb to the mouth, the carne asada taco was put together correctly is the only reason this is not, I repeat not a Swill Alert.

The Big Boy says, "This is just another Cocoa Beach tourist clip joint and all locals and tourists alike should stay away. Far, far away." #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy