Scott’s on Fifth

Wednesday 21 November, 2018

Scott's on Fifth- Indialantic- 3.5 Stars

After being slightly let down on the entree my last visit to Scott's on Fifth, I returned to give one of our local celebrity chefs a chance to redeem himself. Upon entering the place looked the same as the last time I was here. The panorama of potent potables stuck cork side down lining the wall behind the mixology station brought a slight tear to my eye. To just sit here and taste those for a few hours is cause for another visit in and by itself. Returning to the mission at hand, after being seated and given ample time to go over the menu, our table was approached by the kind of server one can expect in your fine dining establishments. Iman was top notch all the way and was exceedingly knowledgeable about the day's offerings. I asked Iman if he could please bring me an order of Escargot to start, a Caesar salad and for the entree, I requested one of the evening's specials, the bone in Veal Chop with a reduced demi-glace accompanied by a cup of fresh Gazpacho.

Within a reasonable amount of time, Iman was soon seen returning with our mouthwatering morsels fresh from Chef Scott's kitchen. As one can see by the pictures, Chef Scott continues to wow diners with the presentation as each dish was a work of art in its own right. Beginning with the appetizer, the Escargot was the right place to start as it was one of the best I have had. The snails were lovingly brushed in fresh garlic butter, placed snugly in their baking dishes and baked in the French manner. Finally, a great dish of Escargot! The Gazpacho was unlike any I have previously enjoyed as it had a depth and complexity of flavor unparalleled in the world of chilled soups. Everything was fresh, succulent and melded together as smoothly as if Spock had mind melded everything into one. The Caesar salad was on par with the Escargot and Gazpacho as it was also extraordinary. The made to order dressing contained extra anchovies making it some of, if not the best, Caesar salad dressing I have partaken of to date. So far, Chef Scott has lived up to expectations and everything was out of this world. However, this was also the case on my previous visit. The appetizer and the sides were exemplary, the entree not so much.

Putting that experience out of mind, I turned my appetite toward the entree and proceeded to taste away. Let us begin with the reduced demi-glace. This was exceptional. Obviously, Chef Scott makes his own stock in-house as the sauce had an intricacy of flavor one only finds in freshly made stock. The sauce, with this kind of beginning, only got better as it was reduced while sections of unsalted butter were whisked in by a saucier on the top of their game. Plated lovingly atop this bed of scrumptious sauce sat a bone in Veal Chop that looked like it was going to be amazing on the palate. Sadly, once again, I was slightly let down by my choice of entree. While it was cooked to a James Beard approved medium-rare, it was either not USDA Prime or it was old as I found it almost impossible to cut and chew. The veggies de jour and red bliss potatoes alongside were to die for. The veggies were roasted and seasoned with obvious care and lent a nice addition to the flavor of the demi-glace. The mashed garlic red bliss potatoes were fresh, creamy, riced and had just the right amount of garlic to be pleasant on the palate without leaving an overpowering aftertaste in the mouth.

With flawlessly executed apps and sides, my slight dislike of aspects of the entree must be on me. I can't for the life of me figure out how I could miss, but apparently, miss I did. Twice. Chef Scott is well known and highly respected in the state and rightly so. His menu is intriguing, adventurous and complex without being intimidating for the novice fine diner. His staff is on par with the finest eateries in the world, and so I am perplexed, loyal Biggie (dedicated Big Boy Dining Out fan). How could I be batting 0-2 on entrees? It seems I must go into the breach once more!

The Big Boy says, "For exceptional appetizers, amazing sides and flavorful entrees, Scott's on Fifth is the place to go." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout