Scott’s Riverside Pizza & Grill of Melbourne

Sunday 26 November, 2017

I really like the owners. It is a very rare situation where I get to meet the real owners of a restaurant. Scott is a kind, intelligent and very friendly person. The sole reason I give this Diner (if you can even call it that) 3 stars is based on the customer service.
I walked in and asked for the BEST item on the menu. The cook suggested Gyro. Since there was no Gyro spit on the premises I asked if the Gyro was frozen. Sadly it is. I explained frozen Gyro is never a good suggestion if you are trying to woo New patrons. I requested a second suggestion. I was told the cheesesteak was the best in Brevard. From the looks of things I highly doubted the recommendation. I took the cook up on his suggestion. More because he appeared so hopeful more than anything.
I took the food to go because I felt so bad about the whole situation. Anyway, it was a simple cheesesteak. Nothing special. Average flavor. If you want to meet a super cool guy go talk to Scott. If you want some good food, well, go somewhere else.