Se7en Bites

Tuesday 26 June, 2018

Se7en Bites - Orlando Colonial Town Center - 5 Stars


How many different ways can you say great? Enjoyable, delightful, lovely, pleasant, congenial, exciting, thrilling, excellent, marvelous, wonderful, fine, splendid, very good, fantastic, fabulous, splendiferous, fab, super, grand, cool, hunky-dory, killer, swell. All of these terms more than adequately describe Se7en Bites.

If I lived in Portland, Oregon or coastal California this is the type of restaurant I would expect to find. The employees are all young. The men all have beards and the ladies wear scarves and silver - this place is hipster crazy. However, do not let that dissuade you. Here, the approach is simplistic and minimalistic. First, you stand at a counter and order your food, and then take a number and sit at one of four communal picnic benches - there are no individual tables for seating. They serve your food on a metal plate like you see in movies as the starving prisoners scrape their bowls.

Se7en Bites serves home brewed cold herbal tea, and orange blossom was the tea of the day.
I ordered biscuits and sausage gravy with thyme. The homemade biscuits are flaky and light, and the gravy has so many complex flavors at work you want to lick the plate. The second thing I ordered was the savory bread pudding drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Because most people traditionally associate bread pudding with sweet, it's a bit off-putting at first when you bite into it because it's not what one might expect. However, if you give it a moment to slide across your tongue, you know immediately that you have a winner.

They also have a bakery. Let me tell you - as good as the regular chow is, the bakery is a monster of goodness. I am often asked by my followers how much weight I have gained since I started this trek. Se7en Bites accounted for at least 10 of the 65 pounds. This place is so good I drove back two weeks later to wait in a line 30-people deep to experience the homemade giant Swiss rolls.

Big Boy says, "REMEMBER SE7EN BITES." Hands down, they serve the best breakfast and bakery items I have ever had - it will make you want to take more bites than you can count!