Sea Grapes Restaurant

Tuesday 27 February, 2018

Sea Grapes Restaurant- Beachside Melbourne 3-Stars
My week of hotel restaurant dining continued this week with this place nestled inside the Doubletree Hotel. Once again I should warn you in advance that service here is horrendous. I did not have the breakfast buffet. I ordered off the menu. In this particular instance I ordered the spicy eggs Benedict. It comes with salsa and hash browns. I liked the originality of the paprika to kick things up a notch. The hash browns were grilled well, the eggs were cooked properly. The salsa was standard out of a jar. My server was a lovely lady named Laura. She was deeply in over her head. The dish tasted fine. There were no execution errors. This is just average.
If you are staying at the hotel and see my review, The Big Boy will tell you there are better places close to this if you don't want a short drive then eat here. It's average.