Sebastian Beach Inn

Saturday 17 March, 2018

Sebastian Beach Inn/Coppola's - Melbourne Beach - 3 Stars.
As I sat patiently at the bar being ignored by the server, like a remittance man on day 30, we perused the menu. Trying to decide what to order was not hard because the menu actually tells you what is good and apparently what is not good. I must admit this is an interesting way to present your food to your customers. "Oh hey this is really great." Uhhhhhh but not that. Lol. Anyway, not taking any chances we ordered the good stuff delineated on the menu.
We ordered the crock of baked clam chowder and the shrimp Thai chili soft tacos. The clam chowder was a home run. It was so great I made it my page photo for two weeks. The clams were fresh in a creamy soup with cheese baked on top ala' French onion soup. On top of the cheese are fresh tomatoes and scallions. Every single bite is exquisite. The flavors are well balanced and executed magnificently. I strongly recommend it.
Unfortunately, the shrimp tacos were a failure of epic proportions. We sat there trying to figure out how someone with patent genius could design the baked chowder but prepare what I estimate to be the worst seafood taco in existence. The shrimp was like rubber, the cheese was processed American. The flour tortilla was flaccid and almost wet. The seasoning was reminiscent of licking the palm of your hand after a long morning jog. I mean it was bad. To reiterate as well, the service is slow and uninspired. So 1 five, 1 one should be 2.5 but I loved the chowder. Try it. The Big Boy says so.