Slices Pizza

Friday 06 July, 2018

Slices Pizza, Melbourne 4 Stars

"Sometimes you see the uninviting door and you just have to go through it." -- A. Bourdain

Hidden at the end of a strip mall, under an unassuming blue awning awaits the best pizza in Brevard County, Slices Pizza. Once you enter, you are greeted with the full panoply of a small, family run restaraunt. The smells of freshly baked dough and toppings danced in the air with the sound of light jazz emanating from the speakers. It is a familiar place with the red and white checkered table coverings, the owner (Maria) waiting on you and her daughter running the cash register all combine to give you this feeling of comfort, of being in the old country. Forgoing my Iced Tea, as it was not on the menu (arg), and as they only offered bottled drinks, I went with a bottle of water to accompany my lunch.
I ordered a slice of their taco, signature, grandma's white and a slice of grandma's plain pie. The taco pizza was fresh, tasty and had just the right amount of cilantro sprinkled atop seasoned ground beef and a mix of cheddar cheese. The crust was golden, crunchy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. In other words, perfect. Their signature pizza has atop their perfectly baked fresh crust freshly made red sauce, mozzerella, fresh basil, romano cheese a conglomeration of secret hard cheeses and all of this is drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Grandma's White pizza was as one would expect, only better. With the perfect mix of fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, ricotta and mozerella cheeses, if I didn't know better, I would think I was in a cafe in Rome. The last slice I tasted off of their menu was the plain Grandma. This slice arrived like it just stepped off the boat from Sicily. It was baked to perfection in a square cast iron pan. This is their attempt at bringing back an original (The squared Sicilian slice) and let me assure you, their attempt is successful as they nailed it. The crust was a perfect crunchy, chewy golden brown with cheese baked along the sides for an extra treat. The sauce, cheese and basil were as before: fresh, delicious and aptly proportioned.
Big Boy says, "If you're hunkerin' for the best slice of pizza in Brevard, head over to Slices. You'll thank me."