Slide Inn

Thursday 25 April, 2019

Slide Inn-Cape Canaveral-4-Stars-No Food

"Whenever someone asks me if I want water with my Scotch, I say I'm thirsty, not dirty." -- J. E. Lewis

"Oh, Great," I thought as my random eating place generator spat forth yet another "sports bar & grill" as next up to be reviewed on what seems to be my never-ending quest to visit every single slop house, greasy spoon and otherwise food slinging establishment on the Space Coast. At least Just Slide Inn was up in Cape Canaveral, and I just love the drive up there as well as the sites once I get there. Not expecting all that much from the food, just hoping it was edible, I pulled into their parking lot.

Walking inside, I was pleased to notice it was a smoke-free place and lacking any olfactory evidence, began to wonder if the kitchen was open. Taking a stool at the bar, I asked the barkeep when the kitchen opened. She turned to answer and I suddenly got a feeling of deja vu. She introduced herself as Jaden and informed me that they no longer served food, but that they had a full bar. Shrugging my shoulders I asked her what kind of Scotch they had on hand. "Johnny Walker Red Label", she replied. As no other distilleries were mentioned, I gathered that that was the only Scotch they had (hardly what I would call a full bar). Asking for a Johnny Walker Red--neat, I sat back and exchanged chit-chat with the mixologist.
Jaden gave me a very, very generous pour. As the conversation continued I noticed that she was extremely charming, bubbly, funny and very much at ease in her chosen profession. During the course of small talk, we realized that we had met somewhere before back in the 90s. Not being able to place where we knew each other from, we continued to get reacquainted as I turned my attention to the interior of the establishment.

With tons of big screens lining the walls, pool tables, dart boards, arcade games, and an outdoor patio area, Just Slide Inn is a great place for hanging out with your buddies, tossing back a few drinks and watching the game. I really loved the outdoor reminded me of hanging out at a buddy's house in high school and slamming a case of beer or three (the drinking age then was 18). In short, this is a great sports bar with charming staff and ample space in which to have a great time. The reason they got a 3.75 Star review is solely due to the fact that for a "full bar" they had a very limited selection of ambrosia (Scotch) and not one single malt either (harrumph)!

The Big Boy says, "For suave servers and fun times enjoying a game or two, slide in (yes, I did) to Just Slide Inn up in Cape Canaveral and give my regards to Jaden!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout