Snack Shack

Wednesday 31 January, 2018

Snack Shack- Melbourne, Florida 5 Stars
This is reason I do this job. Finding that hidden out of the way gem that few people know about but serves high quality food. The Snack Shack is inside the HealthFirst gymnasium. It is open to the public. You do not need a membership to try it out.
I ordered a plain bagel with bacon and cheese and a tuna salad sandwich on white. You may ask yourself how could that meal be a hidden gem. Let me tell you this tuna salad is made to order. It is mixed and seasoned so perfectly it is like a finely polished cabochon. The bread is fresh along with lettuce and tomato. Put the whole package together and you get a 5 star rating.
The bagel was a standard bagel toasted properly, the bacon was crisp and the eggs were executed properly. I think the bulk of my joy regarding this fine establishment came from the dedicated preparation of the meal. Every item was lovingly applied and designed. The Big Boy says please try it and let me know.