Somers Sunshine Cafe

Sunday 20 October, 2019

Somer's Sunshine Cafe-Palm Bay-2-Stars

"Yeah she was nice, but she wasn't anything special." -- Mr. Pink

Glancing at my random place name generator, a name heretofore unknown to me appeared, Somer's Sunshine Cafe. Somer's Sunshine Cafe is located in the old International House of Pancakes on Malabar Rd. in Palm Bay. Loading up the BBDO mobile I headed into what was once Redneckville, USA and is now a burgeoning metropolis in its own right with exceptional dining to be found everywhere (see search feature). Pulling into the old IHOP parking lot, I found a vacant space and eased the BBDO machine in, front-facing and right smack between the lines. Once inside it was hard to forget that this was a former IHOP as they kept the tables, booths, chairs and even the syrup dispensers from the previous resident. The decor, along with the grub served makes one long for the old IHOP, but I get ahead of myself. After being seated and handed a menu, I had to flip it over again just to make sure it wasn't still an IHOP, the menu was your standard diner menu and as such very familiar.
It wasn't too long before a nice human by the name of Danielle showed up and asked if we were ready to order. Danielle was super competent, but somehow I got the feeling that she wasn't digging her job that day.

I couldn't help but think of the opening scene in Reservoir Dogs. She didn't do anything to not merit a tip, but she hardly did anything to merit one. She might have been a tad slow, but that could also be the fault of the kitchen staff. Regardless, not really complaining, just that it could have been better. As it is the season for everything Pumpkin Spice, I asked for an order of Pumpkin pancakes with a side of sliced, cured and fried pig strips (bacon).

It was right on the border of being too long of a wait and just right when Danielle returned with my meal. The pancakes were of a good size, fluffy and covered in whipped cream, but the pumpkin fell a tad flat on the palate. They are passable truck stop food. The bacon did not live up to the vaunted moniker of Meat Candy and I fear it was of the cheaper variety as it lacked taste, in fact, it just didn't taste good at all. Again, if this was a truck stop on I-95 in the middle of nowhere it would do before starving. As it is not, they ended up on the short side of average.

I am not a fan of chain diners, but I have to say the old IHOP slung better slop than what you will find at Somer's Sunshine Cafe. I stand largely and firmly behind my 2 Star review

The Big Boy says, "The food here will make you long for the good ole days when it was an IHOP. "It will do in an emergency, otherwise it should be avoided."

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