Southern Sisters Cafe

Thursday 10 May, 2018

Not sure what is going on today but the food quality here has made a precipitous drop. It is now off the Big Boy recommendation list and officially on the worst breakfast list.

Back on the biscuit quest. Found a homemade biscuit that was actually made properly. Consistency was firm and flaky. It is what I expect from a buttermilk biscuit.
The ambiance of this divey joint is typical of Florida. Open dining room with zero thought put into the decor. I ordered two eggs over medium with bacon. The bacon was crisp however as usual the eggs were not seasoned and they were cooked improperly. I politely asked if there was a dedicated brigade member for eggs and was told 3 cooks all cross cooking. Obviously, I got the guy who didn't know how to cook eggs. I have become so accustomed un-flavorful eggs I almost feel compelled to stop mentioning it EXCEPT, there are one or two places locally that care about the food they produce. Southern Sisters is apparently not one of them.
One last thing I should mention; for some reason the cooks and the dishwasher constantly came out of the kitchen covered in sweat dripping and stared at the customers in one instant hanging over a table.
Southern Sisters could be a 4 star breakfast establishment it's just not there yet.