Squid Lips

Thursday 31 May, 2018

Squid Lips- Eau Gallie- 3 Stars

"Enter by this gateway and seek the way of honor, the light of truth, the will to work for men"- Alderman

When you look for a night out where you can be in a happy positive atmosphere and where you will find a bunch of like minded people singing and dancing along to some live music, well it's hard to find a place better than Squid Lips in Eau Gallie.
The food might be average, with nothing original, creative or thought provoking on the menu; however, what is presented is executed moderately well.
We showed up to a packed house at lunch. I had two children with me as there was no school that day. Our server, Ben, was a large man who handled himself like a real pro. I think his talent is wasted in a restaurant of this caliber, but sometimes people underestimate themselves and their great ability. Ben was on top of drink orders and he was Johnny-on-the-spot with service.
I ordered fried Chicken livers along with an order of corn flake battered fish filet. This came with a fresh loaf of pineapple bread on the side. This was the highlight of the meal. In due time the chicken livers arrived. They were overcooked and cadaverous. I bit into one and they were gamey (even for chicken livers). It came with a mustard style dipping sauce that did nothing to solve the execution issues.
The fish filet looked like cod, but I am not 100% certain. The corn flakes brought a nice crunch to the fish. The filet was cooked to a proper temp and was, other than the exceptional service, the saving grace of the meal. It came with roasted mixed vegetables and red bliss mashed potatoes. The veggies were overcooked, however the chef nailed the potatoes. Squid Lips is not fine dining. It caters to the people who like Olive Garden and Applebee's. The owners are making a living and I respect that. I think they sit comfortably in the average section and they should do so proudly. There are much better places to eat within walking distance, but if you are looking for a fun time and mediocre food, Squid Lips is an option when Red Lobster Is closed. Big Boy says.....average.