Sugar Shack Donuts and Coffee – CLOSED

Wednesday 21 March, 2018

Sugar Shack- Downtown Melbourne- 1 Star
As I travel this great country of ours one thing I consistently find; creative forward thinking donuts. You can get homemade donuts it just about every burg in the huge melting pot we call the USA. I knew ab initio this visit was not going to go well. We were the only people in the establishment at 10:00 am on a Saturday morning. This should have been my first tip off. We were greeted by a lethargic and disinterested employee who seemed to be sleepwalking through this bright sunny morning.
I inquired, "where are the donuts?" She pointed to a tiny display case filled with three dozen glazed donuts. I said, yes I see those but where are the cake donuts. The girl said, "what do you mean cake donuts?" I said, "the dense flour based donuts that predominant 99% of all donut shops." Well, the end result is they only make glazed donuts. Glazed donuts are what the big chain purveyors turn out because they are cheap and flavorless. Krispy Kreme uses them as a sugar delivery device. My kids picked out two. We sat down to eat them and the kids took one bite and refused to have a second bite. So we left $10.00 shorter in the pockets. This place may be in the throes of a downward spiral. I do not know for sure. What the Big Boy does know....stay away from this place.