Sumo Japanese Sushi & Grill

Tuesday 27 March, 2018

Sumo Japanese Sushi & Grill - Indian Harbour Beach - 1 Star.
There are many ways Sushi can be bad. I have consumed sushi all over the United States, including in the middle of the desert. Sumo sushi fails on so many levels I was almost willing to abnegate sushi forever. Thankfully, the next week sushi was redeemed in my eyes, but not before Sumo put itself on the Top 5 Worst List. The horrific presentation on classic standards was so appalling I did something the Big Boy has never done and that is refuse to pay for a particular item. The spicy tuna hand roll is a constant staple of American sushi fare. What I was served at Sumo was finely chopped up pieces of non-sushi grade tuna folded together with mounds of raw panko crumbs. I refused to bite into and instead flecked a small piece off it. There was zero flavor in this horrid mush of bad fish and bread crumbs. Look at the picture. Truly bad. I feel certain Sumo knew they had tuna that had been sitting too long because I received the same tuna in the Philly roll. The Philly Roll was an experience as well. Gigantic chunks of cream cheese and tiny minuscule pieces of fish that were bad. I actually had to spit the fish out because it had turned. The only bright side to this meal was the avocado salad. The fruit was fresh. It was cut nicely. While the presentation was nice, this was merely sliced avocado on lettuce. No great shakes, but compared to the sushi a real winner. Top 5 Worst in Brevard. Big Boy says stay away.