Sunnyside Cafe

Tuesday 24 October, 2017

In Florida restaurants are not allowed to locally source food. So every dining establishment is on a level playing field as far as ingredients. So why does one restaurant have great food and others don't? Simple....creativity and a desire to have customers leave happy and come back a second time. Some places do great others terrible. Then you have locations like the Sunnyside Cafe that are just average. Breakfast is a simple meal to prepare. You throw a little love and a desire for success into every meal and you should have standing room only 7 days a week. I ordered a basic breakfast two eggs were cooked properly but not seasoned in any way. Bacon which was cooked hours in advance so when it was served it was hard. The biscuit also was not made on site. Again, nothing terrible nothing great. Service I would like to point out was above average for Brevard County. Skip over this place there are much much better