Suntree Cafe

Tuesday 21 November, 2017

UNHAPPY REVIEW WARNING!!!!!! I decided to start moving up the coast for breakfast. My first stop, the Suntree Cafe was a disappointment. I actually could have rated this location a 3 however the server, Mary, who has been here 8 years flat out lied to me.
Before I order breakfast I always ask the same basic questions.
1. Are the biscuits made from scratch?
2. Is the meat prep(steak, country fried steak or in this case Angus Patty) fresh or frozen?
I always assume they will tell me the truth. You would think me asking these questions in the first place would raise a red flag. Not for Mary. She blundered right in. Yes the biscuits are made here. Yes, the Angus Patty is hand patted.
When the food arrived I knew instantaneously the biscuit was a Sysco pull and serve and the burger was a frozen disc of disgust. The eggs and home fries were cooked properly but to no big surprise they were not seasoned. When Mary noticed I did not eat the biscuit and burger she asked what was wrong? I said she lied about the biscuit and patty. At first she put up a mild defense. Ultimately, she relented and finished with a, "I never thought you would figure it out."
Suntree Cafe is not worse than the two down the road on my bottom 5 list but they are fighting mediocrity.