Teak Neighborhood Grill

Thursday 21 June, 2018

Teak Neighborhood Grill- Metrowest Orlando- 5 stars

"Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts."- Anonymous

It is extremely easy to cherry pick the best restaurants to try when you are out of town if you do a little advanced planning.
I was sidetracked on my first outing because my now EX-girlfriend sent me to a horrendous dump. I immediately walked out and went in search of a much needed replacement. It was at this time that I stumbled upon Teak Neighborhood Grill and let me tell you what a fortuitous find.
The d├ęcor akin to a big city eating establishment with a typically large bar with a mirrored bar back to give the restaurant the illusion of depth. It has a large open floor plan. I chose to sit at the bar. The server was a plucky blonde with pink highlights in her hair. I immediately thought of C.C. Deville from Poison. She was appropriately named Brandy. I think every glamorous bartender should be named after alcohol. Brandy is a highly competent server and mixes a nice strong drink. Since it was my birthday week I had an old fashioned for lunch.
To start the food portion off I ordered OMG chips. These are homemade chips, deep fried to a light golden color then drizzled with a tangy sharp onion balsamic vinaigrette then crowned with a generous portion of crumbled blue cheese. I could have eaten three bowls of this alone. My main course was the most original dish I have ordered since I started this 203 reviews ago. It is aptly named, The Teak Challenge. It comes with 2 full pounds of ground beef patties, nine slices of American cheese, nine slices of Provolone cheese, nine slices of Swiss cheese and a whopping 24 slices of meat candy (aka bacon), Teak homemade chili and this is all topped off gloriously with nine deep fried onion rings. This is a bonanza. The bun is fresh and the patties are homemade--yum! I just cannot get enough of this burger. Actually, I can. They claim if you eat the whole thing in less than an hour it's free. I couldn't do it. Brandy said Joey Chestnut (a famous competitive eater and current Nathan's Hot Dog eating champion) came in one night and took the challenge. All in all this is the type of place I would go to three times a week. It's just outstanding. If you are in O-town, Big Boy says, "do yourself a favor and give it a try."