Thai Thai Bistro

Thursday 03 May, 2018

Thai Thai Bistro - Melbourne Beachside - 3 Stars.
For many years sushi was controlled in Brevard County by two real pioneers. Miyako with Miyako's Sushi and Mickey with First Makotos, then Gen Nai and finally a non-descript sushi joint on W. Eau Gallie. The reason I mention this is because Japanese sushi has virtually disappeared in this county.
While Thai Thai Bistro is obviously a Thai restaurant serving sushi, it is important to understand the server (who is also an owner) will readily tell you people in Thailand do not eat raw fish. I found her to be a breath of fresh air in a niche that screams for innovation.
Many times when ordering in a Thai/sushi place the servers are absonant. Not in this situation. In fact they don't even provide chop sticks, except on request due to an apparent Thai custom of eating with your hands.
Anyway, I ordered the JB roll (because I love salmon and cream cheese), the Tornado Roll and the obligatory spicy tuna hand roll.
The fish was not the freshest I have ever eaten but it was still pleasant. What was done properly was the ratio of fish to vegetables and fish to rice. The spicy tuna hand roll was a 6 on a scale of 10.
There is no WOW factor to this restaurant. Nothing is bad but then nothing is great either. It's worth coming for the owner's schtick, but otherwise there is much better sushi. Big Boy