Thai Thai II

Sunday 24 September, 2017

The first sushi place to open in Brevard County was a Japanese restaurant that served sushi. The second was exactly the same as well as the third. Now for some reason you can only serve sushi if you also serve Thai food as well.
At the top of the food chain in Thai sushi is hands down Thai Thai II. No speaks English at this place but they clearly understand what you want. You get large portions for the money in a friendly atmosphere. The decor is warm and inviting.
We ordered the Sea of Love roll, the JB roll, spicy tuna roll and escolar nigiri. Every piece of fish was fresh. The Sea of Love roll was a masterpiece of presentation. In fact it was so ostentatious I was almost embarrassed to eat it. The other rolls were exquisitely prepared rolled perfectly and presented with care. Most sushi restaurants in Brevard are the total pits. Gladly, I can recommend Thai Thai 2