That Little Restaurant

Tuesday 05 December, 2017

Best biscuit in Brevard.!!!!!!! I like dense biscuits. It takes the correct blend of baking powder and flour to get a perfect fit. That Little Restaurant always gets it right.
When you ask about a Gold standard you need to mention "That Little Restaurant" this restaurant is the epitome of Sysco at its finest. Can I make homemade biscuits? Yes!!!! Best in the county. Can I make a variety of muffins? Yes!!!! Best in the county. Can I provide Long employed loyal service staff? Yes!!!! Best in the county. So if we Top all of these categories why only a 4 star rating?
Simply provide a solid even keeled breakfast. A true champ of the Sysco set. The top of the top. However, your menu is the same as the last 25 years. To get into the top five you need to bring originality to the table.
You are the best of the middle class hands down. Now it is time to be the best of the best