The 905 Cafe

Friday 10 August, 2018

The 905 Cafe- Downtown Melbourne- 4 stars

Secreted away in a small niche amongst a gaggle of shops, boutiques, art galleries, and eating establishments awaits a true culinary gem for your enjoyment. I am speaking, of course, about the 905 Cafe in the Historic Arts district of the sprawling metropolis that is downtown Melbourne, FL.

The first thing that struck me as I entered and approached the counter for service was the fact that 905 has somehow kept the same ambiance for over 20 years. Not sure how they do it, but if they could bottle it and sell it, they could make a fortune.

After placing my order for an Egg Salad sandwich on marbled rye and a Chicken Salad on fresh greens with the pleasant, attentive, on-the-ball counter staff, I noticed patrons comfortably seated upon antique chairs dining with utter enjoyment on the fare offered and I couldn't help but think that if Paris Hilton or her ilk (tall, skinny blondes with purse poochies) were living in Melbourne, FL. this is where they would dine.

This is the kind of place that people in Hollywood go to see and be seen. The ambiance is sophisticated enough to draw their crowd, yet homey enough for the average tourist from Nebraska. Again, if they could bottle this...Anyway, I digress, back to the task at hand. My order was plated artfully and placed on a tray with a smile awaiting my pick up. I enthusiastically grabbed it off the counter and tried to casually walk to the nearest table as my eyes devoured the feast in front of me and my olfactory senses became overwhelmed with the scent of freshly baked bread wafting up from my tray. The marbled rye was still warm from the oven and had that springiness of freshly baked bread while the crust was a perfect mix of firmness and chewiness that is a must in a good bread. The taste of the bread alone was exquisite, add to that the made to order egg salad and I was in the sandwich equivalent of Valhalla (Skol!). After making the delicious egg salad disappear in a matter of moments, I moved on to the Chicken Salad Salad. As with the Egg Salad, their Chicken Salad is made to order, none of that half hour old stuff out of a bucket for these guys. It was perfectly made to the right degree of creaminess and sat majestically atop a bed of freshly selected baby Spring greens all topped with hand cut fresh strawberries and real, honest to YiaYia, goat's milk Feta.

The Big Boy says, "whether you are a high-society, stilettos in the sand wearing, purse puppy toting fashionista or a surfer from Beachside in baggies, a T-shirt and flops looking for a sophisticated dining experience with delicious, made to order, better than down-home cooking, head on over to the 905 Cafe. You do, however, have to leave Princess Buttercup at home. Health codes and all...