The Bald Strawberry

Sunday 29 April, 2018

The Bald Strawberry - Eau Gallie - 4 Stars.
This one is for my gluten free followers. I always stare with a jaundiced eye at anything gluten free, non-gmo, or vegan. So let me say I was pleasantly surprised by the Bald Strawberry. I felt like I was receiving absolution at Lourdes. As I walked in I was greeted by a friendly chum named Avery. When you think about hipster cool, someone like Avery comes to mind. A laid back millennial who was highly competent and interested in his job. He answered my menu related questions and was able to identify Peggy Lee as the singer of the song playing. I was impressed.
I ordered a turkey club. As a point of order I should mention all of the sandwich's are served on fresh waffle slices. It can be a tad off-putting to the naked eye but the flavors are spot on because they are not sweet waffles but rather a non-gluten delivery system. The turkey, sadly, was processed. I called and spoke to the manager. She apologized for the processed turkey, but stated they had recently lost their previous fresh turkey hook-up. I assume by now this problem has been remedied. The real highlight of this dish is the spicy aioli served with it. WOW, what an amazing kick in the tookus. It was a real joy. I also ordered a slice of gluten free strawberry cake and a slice of almond joy. This is really a mixed bag because it would not be fair for me to compare apples (gluten-free cake) to oranges (non-gluten free.) The consistency is different. The flavors however are not. Both cakes were bursting with their respective flavors. If you are looking for gluten-free then the Big Boy recommends the Bald Strawberry.