The Broken Barrel Tavern

Sunday 09 July, 2017

I was in Palm Bay, Florida for business and Yelp gave me the Broken Barrel Tavern as the closest place to eat. The atmosphere is dingy and the service is poor. I decided to sit at the bar where a scruffy bartender with zero personality got agitated with me for asking if they carried Cutty Sark scotch. After settling on the well scotch since the only other scotch was Dewars I received the menu.
I ordered 16 smoked chicken wings with Garlic Parmesan sauce. The wings were cooked properly and seasoned well above and beyond The sauce. But for the saving grace of the wings this would be a one star dive bar. It advertises outside "Sports Bar" there are 4 working televisions zero showing sports. Not sure how long this establishment has been open but a few service changes and a few more scotch selections and this would be an average quaint place to get great chicken wings.