The Burger Inn

Friday 13 January, 2017

The Burger Inn- Melbourne 4 Stars.
The fact that this restaurant remains extant is a testament to the execution of the food sold here. For years I came here once a year when the cravings got bad. The food would actually sing to me. However, the previous owner was easily the biggest jerk in the business. They called him Grumpy Al because of his putrid disposition. Thankfully, Al is no more. He sold the establishment to the present owners who are a breath of fresh air.
The new owners have tweaked the menu but still deliver on the execution which was Al's forte. You don't come here because you are looking for sustainability food concerns, (of course I never do), you come here because you want a fresh greasy double bacon cheeseburger slathered in chili and served on a bun that is actually grilled. It's truly heaven. Get a side of onion rings and make sure you tell them the Big Boy sent you