The Car Guys

Friday 20 January, 2017

The Car Guys- West Melbourne 5 Stars
Honest Car Dealer, two terms if you ever hear them tend to be an oxymoron. Not at the Car Guys In West Melbourne, Florida. James Davidson, the owner of the Car Guys for 8 years is a real true blue honest car dealer. James is unique in the business. He is also the top automotive technician in Brevard County. His depth and breadth of knowledge is awe inspiring. He is a Brevard County native who cut his teeth here at the local Chevrolet dealership from a young age ultimately leading to become manager and lead tech on a nationally recognized race team. Why do I mention this? Simple!! The Car Guys has a state of the art repair facility stocked with some of the best mechanics in Brevard. They are all supervised daily by Mr. Davidson. What does this mean for you? It means when you buy a used car or truck from the Car Guys you know it's going to be running properly and they stand behind their vehicles.
Let me talk about the vehicles for a second. The showroom is carefully watched over by William Murray who's attention to customer service is only rivaled by his Shecky Greene like personality of running riffs of comedy to lighten the mood.
With over 200 cars and trucks in inventory you will be hard pressed to find a better used vehicle selection in Central Florida. For a square deal, great selection, and friendly atmosphere the Big Boy strongly recommends The Car Guys.