The Egg & I

Saturday 16 December, 2017

Should be called the Egg because I will never go here again. I should have known what was awaiting me when I showed up during season at 8:30 AM and the only other person in the entire restaurant was Tom Biddix. If the food is good you will have lines out the door all the time.
Amazingly, there was no hostess. I took a menu sat down and perused the menu. I ordered two eggs, home fries and biscuit. I added a single whole wheat pancake. Typical of most breakfast dives the eggs were not cooked properly. The potatoes were cubes of pre-frozen chunks re-heated. The biscuit was a pre-made frozen chunk of flour. The sole reason I am giving two stars and not one are two-fold. The server Charles was above average. Second the Whole wheat pancake was interesting. I asked Charles why everything was prepared the way it is. He told me it was a franchise and the ingredients come directly from the franchiser and they have no control of food quality.