The Fast Chicken

Thursday 10 May, 2018

Scratch the previous review. Apparently, the cook here has decided to start cutting corners. The food today was overcooked and sub par. I apologize to any of my followers who have eaten here recently and had a bad experience.

Happy Review warning!!!! It is very very rare I am positively surprised by the food I receive. Well today was one of those days. The Fast Chicken at the corner of A1A and Ocean Avenue is tucked inside the Chevron gas station. Inside this small store at the back is a deli station making fresh subs with solid ingredients and flavorful fare. I ordered the Tuna salad sub. The bread tasted homemade but there was absolutely no way it was. If the owner can find bread this fresh locally then no one else has a valid excuse. I move on the the hot side. There is a case filled with chicken tenders, potato logs empanadas (says homemade) they also offered their take on chicken and waffles. It was called a chicken griddle sandwich. This consisted of a super tasty pancake wrapped around a delicious piece of chicken. They also make an array of foods to order.
I need to take a moment to tell you about the great customer service. The cook/counter man was friendly and polite. He answered all of my questions and most impressively he spoke to all 10 people who were in line behind me and put their minds at ease regarding wait times. Nothing fancy. Nothing sexy just great fresh food.